What is Reiki

Reiki is a spiritual healing practice which originated in Japan in the early 20th century, and is built on the belief that the body is innately able to heal itself. The word “reiki” loosely translates to “universal life energy” — an energy which practitioners believe exists within, and surrounds, each body — and the practice involves transmitting or balancing that energy, through the specific placement of hands on or above a recipient’s (fully clothed) body.

Most commonly, reiki is used to ease pain, anxiety, fatigue, and depression, but since at its core is the conviction that the body in its natural state can heal any ailment, the applications, theoretically, are endless.

We are all energetic beings and this energy we carry can become blocked in various areas of our body and mind. The cause of many energetic blocks can range from unhealthy living, low self esteem, stress depression and anxiety and genetics.

The reiki practitioner raises there own vibration frequency to that of love and an open heart and lays hands on or above the body to help the clients own energetic field match the energy of the practitioner. The reiki practitioner uses the clients intention to look into their energetic blocks and helps guide them to release these blocks.


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