We are Angels we have just forgotten

Earth is a 3 D reality experience that teaches us how to navigate this planet of polarity. Polarity is an extremely important part of higher education of spiritual experience.

Earth is the school for rapid evolution, it’s the school where angels receive vast amounts of evolutionary growth and experience.

We are all angels, we have just forgotten our mission and why we choose to have an earth experience. Earth is a 3D planet and 3D is a very low vibration planet with many soul expanding experiences.

Our soul knows why we chose to come to earth, our soul was so excited to experience this planet of Polarity and expansion because it knows of the amazing growth and expansion that can be received by having such a wonderful and very expanding experience.

Part of the experience on earth is remembering who we are, waking up to our true spiritual path, waking up and having a deeper inner awareness of self and who we truly are. Remembering who we were before we came to earth, connecting with that angelic part of ourself, the part that knows we are pure love consciousness.


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