Waking up from the matrix 3D controlled reality

Energetic Shifts are occurring on the planet and the vibration is raising. We are all getting downloaded with energy on a day to day basis this is helping us to awaken and remember who we truly are.

We are all extremely powerful beings who choose to have an earthly experience. Apparently the earth is one of the toughest planets to incarnate and only the bravest choose this experience. The term used is it is the light warriors that choose to incarnate on earth as there are great spiritual lessons to be experienced here.

Part of the waking up on this planetary experience is remembering who we are and where we originally came from. This earthly existence is only one experience of many existences we have all had on this planet and many other planets. When we incarnate on earth we forget our past lives and where we originated from.

There is to be a quickening of these energy’s coming to the planet and 2021 and 2022 is said to be known as the great awakening, so many people on the planet will be waking up and searching for deeper connections and meaning to their lives.

2021 and 2022 are said to bring more knowledge about the reality we have all been experiencing in ways that will blow open people’s perceptions of what reality really is and this will start to awaken us to what living on earth really is all about and how much power we all have individually and collectively.

Our lights have been dimmed, our dreams seeming to be unattainable, all because we have been taught to just keep our head down work hard and follow the crowd. This has been the 3D illusion reality for 1000’s of years on the earth.

This is all about to change, we are going to be shown truths about how much we have all been asleep to what has really been happening on our planet behind the scenes.

We will be shown truths that will shock and disgust us, we will be angry and confused and then we will look to ourselves and question why we did not see these shocking truths before now. We did not see these truths because we were spiritually speaking asleep within our own individual bubble of reality.

Once we wake up we can see clearly how much we have been living in a 3 D controlled reality. This controlled reality has been created by a group of money and power hungry controlled systems that have existed on our planet for 1000,s of years. These controlled systems only exist because we all individually and collectively allow them to control us.

When the truths of this 3 D reality are revealed We will not know what to do with this information as it will be so profound and so mind blowing. It be what will finally wake us up so we can step into the power of who we truly are, we will then finally understand why it was important for us to see all these truths that have been going on on our planet so we realise we can all step into our own power of freedom of speech and peaceful action.

We will understand that whilst we were all sleeping atrocious activity beyond what we could ever imagine has been playing out on our planet. This knowledge will wake us up so dramatically that we will never choose to be asleep again on this planet and we learn how to step into our individual power of awakening.

This is when we the people step into and start creating the energetics of a new earth that is run peacefully by the people and for the people.


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