Past life Regression hypnosis

Past Life Regression is a personal exploration and journey into your own sub conscious mind. When we quieten the conscious mind we can then access the subconscious part of your mind where wisdom exits about past lives, your reason for being in this life, the meaning of life and so much more.

This rapidly growing field of personal growth is very exciting and can be extremely life changing.

Whether you believe in reincarnation, makes no difference to the profound impact it can have, and can give a fresh perspective on current life situations and issues.
When we tap into these powerful parts of our mind it can help us make different choices in this life.

Life Regression can allow one to see repeating cycles, patterns, peoples, places, values and life lessons that all contribute to who we are in the world. Sometimes unfinished business is carried over from life to life, and this experience can help you identify and come to a new understanding of the people and events in your life from a larger perspective.


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