Knowledge is the key to weight loss

Many of us have lost the ability to listen to our body’s needs and tend to treat or suppress any health related symptoms instead of investigating the root cause.

It has been shown that the main reason we as a society have a high level of obesity and obesity related diseases is because of the foods we consume on a daily basis.

Knowledge about how our bodies actually work is an essential part of our understanding of the nature of food and our health and this is the direct route to creating a healthy mind and body.

We do not have to feel food deprived to change the way we eat. We have been brought up in a world where unhealthy food choices are around every corner but we can educate ourselves to knowing how to create lasting healthy choices to what we consume.

Foods that are processed or contain sugar stimulate our pancreas to produce high amounts of insulin. Over time consuming these foods will eventually create health related issues and possibly diabetes.

Healthy weight loss will occur very easily when these foods are cut out of our regular daily eating.

Consuming Healthy fats too are an essential part of our nutritional needs. Consuming these healthy fats help keep insulin spikes lowered. Our brain needs healthy fats to make the neurotransmitters that help us feel happy focused and energetic.

When insulin is spiked regularly throughout the day this has an effect on the nervous system and the brain creating symptoms of low energy, food cravings, low mood, lack of motivation and anxiety. These systems can all be eradicated when we understand how our bodies work.


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