Health Coaching

When we eat better we feel better....

Improving health through better nutrition


I am a qualified nutritionist with a desire to help you to improve your overall health and lifestyle. I provide face to face and online services helping you to look at your health and lifestyle to support you in making changes to help improve your understanding of food and its impact within your everyday life and how this affects your body mind and general well being.

Our initial consultation will last 60 minutes in which we will take an in depth look at your health. A plan will be created and an optional video/call session and an email detailing your plan will be sent to you.

Further follow up sessions will be scheduled in order to track your progress and to make any adjustments (should we need to).

Our bodies try to warn us that something is wrong before we get sick. For example when we suffer from the following health issues then our body is warning us that it is struggling and needs support.

* A lack of energy
* Weight gain or weight loss
* Digestive issues, such as heartburn, wind, diarrhoea, constipation and bloating
* Diabetes or blood sugar swings
* Sleep issues
* Anxiety and depression
* Joint pain
* Pain and Inflammation
* Addictions
* And many more issues


Many of us have lost the ability to listen to our body’s needs and tend to treat or suppress any symptoms we experience instead of investigating the root cause.

I will work with you to help educate you with regards to what is going on within your body and give you tools education and awareness to restore your body back into balance which will strengthen and support your health and overall well being.

To book a free 20 minute online or telephone consultation to discuss your needs please email

I’m ready to make some health changes

1 hour online session £45.00

2 hour online session £60.00