Indulge your mind body and spirit with one of our pamper packages….

Special offer pamper packages in Colchester and Sudbury Suffolk


Sometimes we want a bit more than just a relaxing treatment. Maybe an afternoon or evening of total relaxation is more your style. Our signature spa relaxation pamper packages offer you the choice to relax and unwind with a choice of various pampering packages.


The rose relaxer

English rose is known for its beautiful fragrance, and the calming and uplifting effects on the body, using the influence of rose during the whole treatment experience. This treatment begins with:

A welcoming foot cleanse and foot massage (20 mins)
followed by a rose infused hot stone massage (50 mins)
completed with richly scented essential oils massaged into the hair face and scalp to help release any tension (15 mins)

A deeply relaxing treatment that will leave you floating on air

Treatment time: 1 hour 25 mins

Package price:
For one package £99.00

The Blissed out pamper package (our most popular package with cream tea )

Relaxing treatment packages in Colchester and Sudbury


Package Includes:
Reiki healing (15 minutes)
Full-body aromatherapy massage or Swedish massage (50 minutes)
Peppermint foot massage (15 minutes)
coconut face and scalp massage (15 minutes)

Allow yourself to relax and let go completely with our very popular Blissed out package
You will feel your body mind and spirit completely rebooting

Treatment time: 1 hour 35 mins

Package price:
£99.00 for one package

Your package includes cream tea – an assortment of finger sandwiches – two homemade scones jam and clotted cream – cakes – tea and fresh coffee

The stress reliever

Package Includes:
Back massage (25 mins)
Scalp massage (15 mins)
foot massage (15 mins)

This is such a great stress reliever and will leave you feeling relaxed rejuvenated and much more balanced energetically.

Treatment time: 55 mins of rebalancing

Package price:

£60.00 for one package

Pure indulgence pamper package

Package Includes:
Luxury aroma massage (50 mins)
Mini aroma facial (25 mins)
Luxury Hot stone foot massage (15 mins)

The wonderful infusion of our sensational aroma works therapeutic pre-blended oils make this package a total haven of deep relaxation

Treatment time: 1 hour 30 mins

Package price:
£99.00 for one package

Aromatherapy heaven pamper package

Package Includes:
Aroma massage with hot stones (50 mins)
Mini aroma facial (25 mins)

Hot stones and aromatherapy oils – what more could you ever need – let your senses be stimulated and your mind and body bathed in warmth and euphoria

Treatment time: 1 hour 15 mins

Package price
£79.00 for one package

Pamper packages in Essex and Suffolk Spa pamper packages in Sudbury and Colchester Essex[/caption]

Get stoned pamper package

Package Includes:
Back stone massage (25 mins)
Mini aroma facial with hot stone (25 mins)
Luxury hot stone foot massage (25 mins)

For those who absolutely love the amazing healing qualities of the hot stones – step into your own haven of sheer bliss.

Treatment time: 1 hour 15 mins

Package price
£79.00 for one package

Chocolate and coconut heaven

Package Includes:
Luxury Chocolate massage (50 mins)
coconut face and scalp massage (15 mins)
Coconut foot massage (15 mins)

This treatment must be experienced by those chocolate lovers out there. A completely relaxing treatment packages that will indulge your senses as well as your body.

Treatment time: 1 hour 20 mins

Package price
£89.00 for one package

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