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Waking up from the matrix 3D controlled reality

Energetic Shifts are occurring on the planet and the vibration is raising. We are all getting downloaded with energy on a day to day basis ...
Hypnotherapy benefits

The benefits of Hypnotherapy

Wether you have phobias addictions or would like to address anxiety or depression, hypnosis is a great tool for gaining information about yourself and looking ...
Spinach the super food

Improve your sleep by eating spinach and kale

Including raw spinach and kale in your daily meals can improve sleep significantly. Did you know that A lack of magnesium and potassium could be ...

Massage for Menopause Symptoms

Menopause symptoms can be daunting, massage for menopause can ease the unpleasant signs. It can give you time and space to relax, increase blood circulation ...
Spa pamper packages in Colchester and Sudbury

The Benefits of Massage Therapy

Spa and massage treatments - Colchester and Sudbury Suffolk   Spa wellbeing, Beauty and massage in Colchester and Sudbury   Massage can be more than ...

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