The Angel Therapy rooms At Angel cottage

A rustic cottage in the heart of the Suffolk countryside is where you will find the Angel Therapy rooms

If you are looking for a holistic and spirituality guided treatment then you’ve found the right place

Catrina is an awakened spiritual healer who puts her mind body and her heart into all of her treatments and as a result clients receive an intuitive healing experience and for many a feeling of letting go and allowing their own innate healing to occur

Treatments are Taylor made for those wanting to relax unwind and just let go of the stresses and anxieties of life…

Catrina is the only therapist at the Angel therapy rooms and offers one to one individual treatments to help balance mind body and spirit

What people are saying about the treatments at the Angel Therapy rooms….

I felt I was floating above my body after the reiki massage it was amazing.

I didn’t realise what a proper Massage was until Catrina sorted out my back. I’m now feeling the energy flowing throughout my whole body.

Shingles was causing me extreme pain for months – my first reiki massage and the pain has subsided immensely.

Anxiety was my biggest issue in my life and I felt overwhelmed and out of control – I have been having the blissed out pamper package for many months and from my first session it has grounded me and helped me cope better with my life – it’s taught me how much stress I carry on a regular basis and how important it is to let this go.

I have been receiving massage treatments from Catrina at the The Angel therapy rooms for ongoing arthritis pain and I must say that my pain has reduced in a huge way and I’m now feeling more mobile and energetic. Catrina has healing hands which comes through very evidently when carrying out treatments.

I have my monthly reiki healing massage once per month with Catrina  as it relaxes and rejuvenates my mind body and spirit. Its like a battery recharge and resets my system. I highly recommend it.

I felt that life had no meaning and was feeling low and depressed. I had been feeling this way for a few months and decided to try a reiki healing session – a friend recommended Catrina at the Angel therapy rooms.
I was a bit hesitant at first but Catrina explained to me in terms that were easy to understand about what reiki was – I was totally unprepared for the results that came from this session – I felt a light Enter me that I can only describe as cleaning me from inside out. This light felt like it was just bathing me in pure love. I cried and cried after the treatment and felt I had released so much. My energy felt so high and light for the next few days almost like I had a spring in my step. It was wonderful and I will be back when I need my reiki top up.

I am a therapist who gives of myself to others on a day to day basis but often forget to look after my self. After Having regular treatments with Catrina at the Angel Therapy rooms this has taught my the importance of looking after me too and when I do this I am better able to help others – the pure indulgence pampering package and the blissed out packages are just wonderful.

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