Welcome to the Angel Therapy Rooms

We are a small holistic therapy centre  within a rustic cottage on the outskirts of Boxford offering a wide range of personalised massages, holistic therapy treatments and spa pamper packages to help balance your mind body and spirit.

The cottage run centre offers you a place to rest and retreat from the busy stream of every day life

If you are of a spiritual mind, We also offer spiritual relaxation and growth classes and courses to encourage and inspire you on your spiritual journey.

About the Angel Therapy Rooms

The Angel therapy rooms is a small holistic centre located within Angel cottage – a place that offers you peace and tranquility and being Surrounded by beautiful countryside Clients find it a truely healing relaxing Retreat

The centre consists of one therapy room and a very relaxing reception area with soft furnishings and amazing views across the Suffolk countryside 

We are located just off the A134 about 5 miles from Colchester and 4 miles from Sudbury and just outside of the quaint village of Boxford.

The Angel therapy rooms are infused in the energies of relaxation, healing and retreat and offer you a place to relax and completely let go.

Catrina is the therapist at the Angel therapy rooms and is a fully qualified therapist/body worker and mind body spirit specialist and will ensure your treatments are of professional standard.

Our passion is our commitment to ensuring that the time you spend with us is rejuvenating, relaxing and extremely enjoyable.

Massage Treatments

Massage treatments designed to give you your own individual massage experience. Choose from our range of relaxing and energy boosting massage treatments to suit your individual needs.

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Holistic therapy treatments

Holistic therapy treatments offering a relaxing experience whilst treating the energies of your mind body and spirit

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Gift vouchers

Treat that someone special to an indulgent treatment or an afternoon or evening of spa pampering

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Special occasion packages

Extra special touches for that special occasion

Are you celebrating a special occasion or maybe you want to treat someone special to a complete package of indulgence and pampering.

We offer various extra special touches to help create a truly scrumptious pampering experience

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Relaxation and hydration facials

We use quality aromatherapy based products that are designed for well-being. The infusion of skin boosting oils create a magical blend of hydration and complete relaxation.

When we are stressed our skin can show the effects and can look dehydrated, neglected and pale.

Our aroma works energy boosting facials will have your skin looking radiant and relaxed and leave you feeling rested and rejuvenated.

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Pamper packages 

 When you are looking for that extra bit of pampering our packages are a balance of treatments to balance mind body and spirit


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Regular Customer offers

We offer a regular customer offer discounted treatment plan for those who like to treat themselves on a once a monthly basis

email us direct if you want to join our once a monthly plan

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Having been before we loved it then and loved it on Sunday , myself and my husband bought the 2 hour pamper package catrina and her ladies are lovely make you feel really welcome and I always feel de stressed when we leave

Julia Talbot

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